Welcome to the home page of The International Evidence-Based Anatomy Working Group (iEBA-WG). The iEBA-WG is closely affiliated with the Department of Anatomy, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow, Poland. The group was formed with the goal of providing a new foundation of evidence-based anatomical knowledge, focusing on aspects of anatomy essential for everyday clinical practice. Furthermore, the group works to promote the use of evidence-based principles in the anatomical sciences. The group takes pride in the diversity of interests amongst its members who share a common passion for anatomy.

The main aims of the group include:

  • To study anatomy by conducting well-designed, well-conducted, and well-reported original research projects to provide high-quality anatomical data. 
  • To study anatomy through the use of meta-analysis and systematic reviews in order to synthesize high-level evidence-based anatomical data.
  • To help facilitate the transition of anatomy into an evidence-based medical science.
  • To further study potential links between anatomical variations and pathology through the use of evidence-based assessments.
  • To identify areas of anatomy that require further basic study through the use of evidence-based assessments.
  • To develop guidelines for improving the quality and transparent reporting of original anatomical studies.
  • To develop and improve guidelines for quality assessment of anatomical studies for the purposes of meta-analysis and systematic reviews.
  • To improve the methods and techniques of anatomical meta-analysis and systematic reviews.
  • To educate and spread the knowledge of evidence-based anatomy throughout the medical community.